Crossfire was created, using children's pastimes, toys and food, to highlight the sad reality that whilst the world of guns should be a purely adult one, it is often children that get caught in the crossfire.

Whether in wars waged by the West in the Middle East (as represented by the M16 & SA80 rifles), domestically in the United States (represented by the revolver for home accidents, the handgun for Police killings and the AR-15 for mass shootings) or in the numerous global and regional struggles for power that fade into background noise on our televisions (represented here by the AK47).
Furthermore, the Valken Infiltrator air rifle is here to highlight the numerous hunting and leisure accidents that kill children in states where guns are commonplace, and the advent of the 3D-printed gun ensures that the horror of child deaths will continue long into the future and may even, sadly, expand with this new and potentially game-changing technology.
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